Simplify your Selling to Amplify your Sales on Etsy

Expand business on Etsy and achieve the next level of success by integrator the Shopify store with Shopify Etsy integrator solution. Developed by a team of e-commerce enthusiasts is packed with advanced features that make the online merchant journey on Etsy easy and effortless. 

After all, it is no good idea to manage a high volume of orders that are likely to be received from 50 million active monthly customers on Etsy.

Either you are a beginner or an experienced online seller. We are dedicated to making selling on Etsy a smooth, seamless, and secure process.

Let’s have a quick glimpse into seller-friendly features of Shopify Etsy Integrator

  • Single Click Bulk Upload – Quickly upload all products in one go with a simple click on Etsy along with all variants
  • Price Markup – Increase/decrease price to set the most competitive price for products based on market analysis and maximize your selling
  • Real-time Notification – You will receive instant notification about everything that happens or affects your business on Etsy
  • Real-time Inventory Management – Remain updated with the latest inventory stocks and price. It enables you to be always ready to serve customers
  • Automated Order Management – Ship all the orders in a timely fashion and achieve zero-order delay every time.
  • Product Profiling – It becomes easy to group products based on specific properties
  • Publish/Unpublish  Products – Now decide and unpublish products to stop them from being sold on Etsy. These products can be live again on Etsy with publishing products option

Why Sell on Etsy?

  1. There is no doubt about Etsy being one of the easy, fast, affordable, and effective platform that facilitate selling of handmade and vintage products to the global audience
  2. You never have to face stiff competition from wholesaler of products who can manipulate price for their benefit
  3. Products gets ample exposure due to millions of active customers always looking for something unique on Etsy
  4. It is easy to get your product in front of an audience due to the high popularity of Etsy in comparison to launching a store and putting efforts to get it ranked at Google
  5. Etsy charges a very minimal fee . It is $0.20 to list one item and transaction fee is 5% of sale

You might be wondering how will these features enable seamlessly selling and provide you a competitive edge? Let us dive into details

Why do you need the Bulk Upload feature to streamline selling on Etsy?

The more products you show to customers at the earliest. The more they tend to remember you. If you are busy manually uploading products, then it is quite likely that you complete uploading 50% products and a major festival is round the corner because it is a time taking process and prone to error. 

Now only half of the products are available for sales. You are definitely losing sales on the50% of products missing from the store. The solution is to bulk upload all products (including the variants) at a single click and attract customers as much as possible before your competitors.

Why do you need Inventory Management to streamline selling on Etsy?

It keeps you track of stock quantity and price in real time. Therefore you never oversell or undersell. Moreover, during festive season demand takes a sharp increase but only sellers who are updated with latest stock levels can manage surge in orders. Also, this data can be analysed to precisely predict the future demand as well as decode customer buying patterns.

Why do you need Automated Order Management to streamline selling on Etsy?

Orders that reach customers without delay becomes an opportunity to get loads of positive feedback. Automated order management streamlines the order processing towards zero order delay. The best part is that hundreds or even thousands of orders can be managed everyday without error.

Why trust Commerce Trails for selling on Etsy

  • 24/7 responsive and technically sound customer support team capable of crushing down all sorts of tech glitches and letting you sell seamlessly.
  • A personal account manager who will make you  familiar with ins and outs of the solution. Hence, you need not to be a tech savvy guy
  • The solution is fairly priced in comparison to other solution but equips your store with every feature required to place you in the league of the top seller of Etsy
  • The Shopify Etsy Integrator solution is fully compatible with the latest version of  Shopify and supports backward compatibility too. It will be auto-updated at regular intervals
  • Products will be validated before being uploaded to Etsy. Therefore, no room for product being disqualified
  • Easily customize product attributes and map them with relevant categories on Etsy marketplace with just a few clicks

Waiting won’t push your plans in the right direction. Competition is ruthless yet rewarding Get Connected with Experts and Take the First Step Towards Business Expansion on Etsy

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