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Complete Tech Suite For Your Restaurant And Food Delivery Business

Hyperlocal Business models are the frontier of the future. Enable the ease of Instant Delivering Food online with our ready to go system which meets all your requirements of a Seamless food delivery system.

Custom Food Delivery Solution

We Provide A Full Package Solution  For Anyone Around The World Who Dreams Of Starting Their Own Online Food Delivery Business.

Scale Your Food Delivery Business

Let your customer experience a seamless food ordering app experience and get more ROI from your food outlets.

Build App like Zomato For Your Region

We provide delivery solution and aggregator food delivery app development solution.

Setup A Branded Mobile App For Your Restaurant

Communicate directly with your customers with your own restaurant app provided by our hyperlocal solution.

We use unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge

Looking for a Hyper-Local Solution ? CommerceTrails is your solution.

Delightful Food Ordering Customer App in your pocket

A feature rich and user friendly interface enabling customers to place orders and track it in real time.

Basically this app consolidate services like food partners, delivery partners, changing menus-schedule, tracking orders, customer reviews, accounting, etc. So it is highly supportive when it comes to merchant- customer relationship

Driver will receive notification when order is arrived or assigned, even when the app is closed. While Assigning delivery, the app picks the nearest free agent and assigns shortest & fastest routes to delight your customers and on-time delivery. 

The ultimate master panel for executives to keep an eye on their business from assigning orders to delivery boys to confirming orders from the customers themselves. Keep in control every step of the way too with the assistance of accurate and helpful analytics. 

A dynamic, easy to navigate product ordering app & website that allows you to browse online deliveries of any nature, whether that be for food, flowers or even car parts to be delivered straight to your front door.

Features Of Our Food Delivery App Solution

Hyperlocal business model is the frontier of the future. Customers choose you if you deliver instantly. Become capable of instant delivery by setting up your Hyperlocal market platform with Industry Experts.

Live tracking

Track every movement of the driver and enable live location sharing with customers.

Enable Instant Delivery

Set the location and let customer avail the best product/service nearby.

Centralised Admin Panel

Monitor and analyse all nitty-gritty details of every merchant, customer, and drivers from single dashboard.

Simple Seller Dashboard

From taking orders, notifying driver, and getting order delivered is just a few clicks away.

Add Merchants

Grow business and add any number of merchants with easy to use interface.

24/7 Tech Support

Technically skilled team dedicated to resolve any issue that might halt your business growth.

Technology And Solutions

Built on a robust and high performance technology stack with powerful third-party integrations and customizations to power your food delivery app platform.

Explore Our Other Solutions

We have a range of solutions for different verticals that are tailored according to users specific business requirements.


Most frequent questions and answers

The hyperlocal delivery business as the name proposes is a market that takes into account the necessities of a restricted geological territory. A stroll around your habitation would undoubtedly make you go over a comparable market, anyway enormous or little yet independent in its own right, satisfying practically all the prerequisites of the nearby occupants.
A hyperlocal delivery business permits customers to get items delivered to them within a short duration of 60 minutes or less. It has facilitated shoppers to buy goods, food, medication, purchaser merchandise, and individual consideration items on the web. The delivery business here goes about as an arbiter between the physical stores and the clients by gathering items from these stores and conveying them to the clients. The main thing a client needs to do is select the items and pay for them alongside a minor commission expense and the delivery part will be taken care of by the middle person. It is the activity of these hyperlocal Delivery organizations to join forces with a coordinating organization and get these items delivered. A significant advantage of this is that the customer gets the opportunity to monitor the delivery agent progressively, they can even reach them if there is any issue or delay.

With a drastic change in the ecommerce industry, we have seen a steep rise in the demand of online shopping. The latest trend is – Hyper local delivery business.
This is the right time to capture the ever growing business opportunity and become an entrepreneur. You just need the correct channel and resources to establish your business and ensure a smooth flow of the process.
We are one of the leading providers of a Hyper Local Delivery solution, covering all the aspects of a delivery business including- ordering app, delivery app, Merchant app and super admin panel to monitor the entire process right from getting the order placed by a customer till it is picked and delivered to him.
For detailed information, feel free to Contact us.

Hyperlocal is not an option but an opportunity, avail it before your competitors grab your profit. Its market size is worth $870 Billion and still growing.

We already have a pre-built solution that includes native iOS & Android apps for both customers and restaurant owners and a web-based admin panel for the platform owner to manage everything in one place.Time duration may vary depending upon your requirements. Please feel free to contact us to get all your queries resolved.

Yes, you can contact us with the details of modification that you want.
There will be a customisation charge depending upon the requirement and level of modifications needed.

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