How to Start an Etsy Shop & Make Your First Sale!

Etsy is now one of the fastest-growing marketplace globally. Sellers are now showing keen interest on Etsy. It is becoming a popular name in the E-Commerce world.

Increasing numbers of Sellers and Buyers are what always keep Etsy in the news. In this blog, we will go through sellers’ experience on Etsy and will consider the useful tips for Etsy sellers who have been running their Etsy store successfully.

Best Creativity Marketplace– Etsy Marketplace

Launched in 2005, Etsy was something that we can call a breath of fresh air in the eCommerce industry.

Etsy popped up as a platform solely to promote handicraft sales. It is an eCommerce multivendor website for all those people who want to sell customized stuff and handicrafts. Since then, It has since been a growing podium for such sellers. Amazon Handmade and Made By eBay have tried to topple Etsy off its position, but they didn’t prove to be a competition.

Etsy has multiple sellers who have established their own business on its platform, and there are still more who are looking forward to rooting in their shop on Etsy.

Before uncovering the seller’s experience on Etsy, let’s see how sellers perceive this platform. all

Some Latest Etsy Stats

Etsy Sales More Than Double in May – Etsy sales grew nearly 140% in May. – It grew 100% in April. – 165,000 new sellers joined the marketplace during the month, double the average. – More than half of the new sellers are U.S.-based, but many are also from the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and other countries – 35 million items were sold on Etsy in May. (increase of 140% year-over-year) – One other categories outside of masks that saw an increase in demand was baked goods. Searches for terms like “baked goods” and “brownies” have roughly doubled in the past two months read detail:

Several tips for Etsy sellers are:

  1. Try building your own identity through custom shop details like shop story, about us, policies, reach us at, follow us as, and many more.
  2. Pay close attention to the Product Title and Tags and make use of all the available options to make your listings stand out.
  3. Focus on product photography, go for perfectly lit, fine, and professional photographs. It should cover every nook and corner of your unique creation.
  4. Take utmost care while taking significant decisions of pricing, expenses ad business plans.
  5. Make your shop, it may take time, but your listings should be competitive to be found among others.
  6. Be aware of the new updates rolling on now and then and try experimenting with the same.
  7. Promote your shop words through other marketing channels like social media; it is the most popular source to generate visitors.
  8. Engage your customers in Etsy groups, community, and at the personal level too.

Diana has some tips that may seem minute but can help sellers a great deal.

  1. She says sellers should coordinate the color pallet of the shop background with the items being sold in their shop.
  2. Sellers should also keep in mind that they should use all 10 picture slots available per listing, to showcase their items from every angle.
  3. While taking pictures of your products, take close-up shots. Shots taken from far can give an idea of the size while the close-up shots will provide an idea of the texture of the item.
  4. Use natural light, shoot the pictures outdoor, or near a well-lit window. 


These are the hacks that were used by these high selling shop owners on Etsy; apart from these tips, use your creativity and ideas.

You must remember that while trying to generate relevant organic traffic for your shop, you should not leave a single stone unturned. Try every marketing and promotion tactics that you think can help you out. In case you need any help regarding ins and out of Etsy.Marketing

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