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How to increase sales of handmade online store on Etsy.Com

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In order to increase sales of the online store on Etsy, we are starting to analyze another serious block of information that you need to understand and digest if you want to get an online store that is really easy for your potential customers to find on Etsy.Com. It’s about search engine optimization (SEO). There is no easy way to quickly understand all the nuances of search engine optimization, but I will try to convey everything to you, and you will try to understand everything and apply it to your online store. Do you still remember that I also study with you?

Today we’ll try to understand why search engine optimization affects the increase in online store sales.

Why high-quality SEO helps increase the flow of new customers.

Let’s figure out why the sales of your online store will grow if you narrow your target market.

And finally, why the key phrase of your Etsy online store is crucial.

When I first heard about search engine optimization (SEO), I had no idea what kind of beast it was or how it was eaten. Well, optimize your search, but how do you do it? It turned out, in general terms, what this means, how to improve (optimize) the ability of Google (search engine) to find your web address on the Internet. This means, if you say it quite simply, you will have to write down the description of your products and the online store on Etsy.Com with these words and phrases that are most often used by your potential customers when searching for goods.

Why does this allow you to increase online store sales?

Scenario 1

Imagine that your potential customers are looking for some product on Google. Your online store from Etsy.Com site according to the search results is shown as the fifth link on the first page. Buyers click on links 1 to 4 on the first page, but they are disappointed because they are looking for something handmade, and 1 to 4 links are commercial in nature. Then they click on the link with number 5 and voila – customers found you, they got to your online store on Etsy.Com, where you sell your handiwork! They buy from you and become big fans and lifelong customers, thereby increasing your sales.

Scenario 2

Now imagine that your online store is around 3,000 pages from the search results. Yes, you just have no chance to catch the eye of potential buyers.

Now you understand how important it is to be found first? The easier it is for Google to find your online store from the Etsy.Com site, the closer it will place it when searching, which is better for the visibility of your store. The better the visibility of the online store, the more views will be your product. The more views, the faster sales will increase. But are we striving for this?

The better SEO, the more sales on Etsy.Com

In the first stages, I would recommend that you don’t grab the entire pie of the search query, for now, a piece is enough for us. What I mean? Everything is pretty simple. Narrow the circle of people who will seek us. Instead of fighting for large general search queries (cakes), such as “art”, “handmade” or “jewelry”, start the fight for smaller search queries (pieces) that specify more specific words.

The better the optimization, the stronger the increase in sales of the online store


There are people who type the word “bags” in the search and are ready to go through a bunch of pages before they find what they are looking for. These are those who have free time, good internet and excellent work, allowing you to sit all day on the Internet in search of the necessary. However, for the most part, not all people have such a free schedule, so we try to find quickly. To do this, we simply specify the request. If I need a designer handmade bag made of fabric, then I will not write the word “bags” in the search engine. I will write “handmade fabric bag”. This will give me a better result and weed out many search engine pages that I don’t need. It is for such people that you need to fight, they will initially increase sales of your online store on Etsy.

So, we understood why high-quality search engine optimization of your online store on Etsy.Com is important – this directly affects the increase in sales of your handmade products. Now think and take the place of the buyer: what words would you write when searching for your products or store? If you have questions along the way, ask in the comments, we will try to figure it out together.

To increase online store sales, you need to narrow your target market


The Google search engine does not have seven spans in the forehead. Imagine Google as a two-year-old child who, for the most part, can only repeat what he is told.

If you, as a buyer, ask Google to search for “bags,” it will simply show results that include the word “bags.” And the problem is that Google does not understand if you are looking for a handmade bag, a Gucci bag or a regular brown casual bag. He will show you all kinds of results according to your request. Therefore, if you want to get a specific result, you need to ask Google what you specifically want, for example, a “designer bag made of handmade fabric”.

Therefore, you, as a seller, then need to tell the search engine that your online store on Etsy.Com sells “designer handmade fabric bags”. Since Google is like 2 year old, you need to repeat this for it many times. This means that in order to increase sales, you must associate your online store with this phrase, use it as often as possible.

How to increase sales of an online store on Etsy.Com using a keyword phrase

It is also called your key phrase. I hope the example is clear?

So, you need a key phrase that will narrow the circle of people looking for you. You’ve probably heard of such a thing as Key phrase , but what is it? This is a phrase that immediately makes it clear to the search engine that your online store sells on Etsy.Com. Remember, Google is a 2-year-old child, so if you want your keyword phrase to be pretty simple and easy to remember, use 2-4 words to compose it

Some examples of key phrases:

– “hand-made jewelry made of precious stones” – an online store that sells handmade jewelry made from precious stones;

– “Acrylic textured art paintings” – an online store that sells textured paintings painted with acrylics;

– “hand-made confectionery and chocolate” – an online store that sells handmade sweets and chocolate.

Google uses the passphrase as an identifier for your Etsy online store. Therefore, in order for us to move on and increase sales, we need to find out this identifier for ourselves.


By asking yourself questions, you can figure out which key phrase you need. For example, who is looking for my online store? What would they enter in the search bar when prompted? What phrase can I use to summarize all the products of my online store? Will this phrase be used when searching by my potential customers? How would I myself look for my own online store if I did not know his name?

Your Etsy.Com online store id is critical to increasing sales

Summarize. Now you understand that improving SEO means increasing sales . To achieve this, we need to narrow our target market. To do this, we need to tell Google about our target market with our keyword phrase, which will help our target market find our online store. Once our target market finds us, our sales will increase.

Now take a blank sheet of paper, a pen and try to pick up those keywords, that key phrase, which, in your opinion, will most fully describe the handmade products you sell in the Etsy.Com community online store.

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