Google Shopping Ads Alternatives

8 Best Google Shopping Ads Alternatives

In recent years Google Shopping Ads has been the king when it comes to advertising your eCommerce store products online. Google has over a billion daily searches which catch the eyeballs of billions of people around the globe. This attracts millions of businesses to spend big money to get paid traffic to their eCommerce stores. But, recently Google is hitting hard on Dropshippers, the Reason being the quality and bad customer experience. This topic was previously covered in our blog on why the Google merchant center is getting suspended and its solution. This article is all going to be about the 8 best Google Shopping Ads Alternative.

With Google Merchant Center getting suspended, eCommerce store owners are facing huge losses in their traffic and sales. So let’s dive into the depth of what other alternatives can be used in order to get high sales as Google Shopping Ads and even boost them further.  

The other reason being is also the prices getting too high for the average small and local business. Many of the SMEs are now looking for cheaper alternatives to improve their return on investment.

Depending on the product or service you are advertising, there are plenty of alternative ad networks that you can take advantage of. Not only is the competition usually lower on these alternative networks, but the cost per click is often much lower.

No matter if you’re running Shopping Ads, retargeting, location of user intent campaigns, these Google Ads alternatives are surely gonna help you improve your marketing efforts.

Cutting it short, here are some best Google Shopping Ads alternative that you can target as a drop shipper:

Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads can be an extremely good alternative to Google Shopping Ads. These Ads appear on almost every Google network giving you a wider reach of the audience. Google Display Ads can be optimized as per audience niche.

Shopping Ads Alternative

Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads can also prove to be a great way to showcase your web store. Even though search ads are ot able to showcase your products, their extremely effective keyword targeting gives search ads an added advantage over any other Ads.

Shopping Ads Alternative

Instagram Ads

Instagram is all about lifestyle products and viral marketing. With more than 500 million active monthly Instagram users ads can be shown as stories, pictures, videos, and more within the app. All while keeping a seamless transition from Instagram to checkout to ensure maximum conversions. Instagram Ads can prove to be a great Google Shopping Ads Alterative.

8 Best Google Shopping Ads Alternative

Facebook Ads

Familiar to billions around the globe, Facebook was the first company that started to make serious money from social media advertising. Advertisers can choose a range of ads including video, image, collection, carousel, slideshow, and more to boost engagement on their products. There is plenty of targeting options including their popular “lookalike audiences” which find similar audiences that are likely to convert, Facebook Ads have become very popular. Hence, Facebook Ads can prove to be a great Google Shopping Ads Alterative.

Facebook Ads

Reddit Ads

Similar to Facebook and Instagram, Reddit places sponsored posts within user’s feeds which are likely to convert. Campaigns can also be customized based on the user’s location, interests, and what subreddits they visit. One of the most popular strategies is to target a particular subreddit with sponsored posts as they are great for targeting niche users.

Reddit Ads

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest ads offer marketers the chance to earn awareness and consideration from Pinterest’s 250 million users early in their consumer journeys. And connecting early works: 98 percent of Pinners say they’ve tried new things they found on Pinterest, versus 71 percent on other social media platforms.

Pinterest Ads

Snapchat Ads

Since Snapchat is only available on mobile and tablet devices, this makes it an excellent platform to target mobile users. If you’re trying to promote a mobile app to users, then it’s the perfect way to get people to the App / Play store efficiently. With over 210 million people actively using the app every day, 

Google Shopping Ads Alternative

LinkedIn Ads

If you’ve tried to run SaaS and B2B ads on Google Ads before with no success, then trying LinkedIn Ads should be your next step. It has so many advanced targeting options and pricing models, including CPC and CPM, getting into the B2B market has never been more accessible (or cheaper)! So, Linkedin Ads can prove to be a great Google Shopping Ads Alterative.

Google Shopping Ads Alternative


Now that you’re aware of all the Google Shopping Ads alternatives, you can now advertise and showcase your products to a wider range of audiences. Google is recently busy banning Google Merchant Center accounts for Dropshippers. until then these alternatives could prove to be a great way to bring in sales and new customers. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, if you have any query or doubt please do not hesitate to put them in the comment section below. We’ll be more than happy to help you. Happy Selling. 

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